Billing Address: ride4stars, Trnková 73, 251 01 Voděrádky
ID: 74812858, VAT: CZ8010281235
Phone: +420 608 975 246
KB account number: 43-9192550277/0100
IBAN format: CZ5101000000439192550277

In the following text we will use title - the seller - LAZZZY.

How to buy in our online store:
Total making of order is divided to two phases. First, the customer have to select merchandise, he put him into shopping cart, already registered customer can log on (unregistered have to register) and the order can sent. The second phase is automatic confirmation of your order of our company. If you make order for merchandise at the price shown on our website, we can not change the price without your agreement and we are bound to carry out your order in this purchase price. All order are according to §40 sebsection 4 lawful, in violation of order from the customer side the rights be governed by provisions set out in the legal clause, that is part of these terms and conditions. Buyer in the moment of sending his order agrees with our terms and conditions and also agrees with the fact that LAZZZY can compile informations from  "order form" for his needs, especially for execute order and sending the shipment. Registered costumer agrees with fact, that LAZZZY can save informations of costumer to company database. All activities related with processing of personal informations fully meets conditions of the legislation, and this Act. 101/2000 Coll., and especially § 5 subsection 2, point. B) and subsection 6.

Guarantee of merchandise, claim procedure:
On every merchandise is warranted for minimum of 24 months. During this two years warranty period can costumer set up a claim to his defects. Defects discovered until 14 days after receipt of shipment are governed by other provisions. Guarantee period starts from receipt the merchandise by buyer. The buyer is obligated to notify the seller in case that he will use that law, is also obliged to pay in case of excahnge all costs of postage and packing in amount of 100,- CZK to seller.

The procedure for a claim, complaint procedure.

I. General provisions

1) All complaints, complaint procedure, which condition procedure of buyer, is governed by current legislation, especially rule 40/1964 Coll., civil code, as well as 513/1991 Coll., commercial code for cases under § 261 and Act 634/1992 Coll., about consumer protection.
2) The possibility of a complaint for defective merchandise is limited on merchandise which was purchased in our online store. This fact has to confirm the buyer by  correctly filled proof of purchase. Complaint of merchandise can make a claim only to seller lazzzy.

II. The rights and obligations of the seller LAZZZY in the complaint procedure

1) Lazzzy is responsible for the defects of the sold thing at the moment of accept by buyer. Complaint doesn´t cover the defects caused by normal use.
2) In case of a defect can be removed, the buyer has the right to befree, timely and properly removed.
3) In the case of a defect that can not be removed and obstruct to normal use of merchandise without defects, the buyer has all rights to exchange merchandise.
4) A defect, which was created by improper handling (washing, use,etc..) According to § 623 can not be recognized.
5) Right to set up a claim to defect of merchandise must be exercised at person reffered on the proof of purchase or on email address info@lazzzy.cz
6) The sellers responsibility doesn´t cover badly wrapped and sent shipment by buyer with complained merchandise.
7) Non-notified shipments will not be accepted!

III. The rights and obligations of the buyer against the seller in the complaint procedure

1) Complaints of merchandise must be processed until 30 calendar days from receipt of merchandise to the seller LAZZZY CZ.
2) In case that the seller will not repair or replace merchandise in the period specified in spot III. clause 1, has a buyer claim to a new product or refund the full purchase price.
3) After authorized claim, all expenses about sending your merchandise will paid you seller.
4) The costs under § 53/4g will paid buyer.
5) Buyer has all rights to cancel the contract only in cases of law and after satisfy next conditions mentioned in the sources of the complaints procedure.
6) The buyer is obliged to inform the seller of the claim before by email. Along with complained merchandise must send complaint form.

IV. Final Provisions

1) This claim form is part of terms and conditions of seller Lazzzy Czech
2) Claim form becomes effective on 1.1.2010

Consumer protection:
According to the above, buyer agrees with the fact that the object of purchase is sufficiently definite, the draft of contract doens´t contains unfair provisions and takes into account consumer protection. Act Number 634/1992 Coll., about consumer protection determines the seller's other obligation sparticulary information obligation, veracity of this information and instructions of the buyer according to § 53 / 5,6 and 7 of the Civil Code.

Protection of supplier and unpicked orders:
Each order is obligatory (Civil Code § 544-545, Act No. 40/1964), according to our terms and conditions.Customers, who order merchandise and will not pay order, or will not pick up shipped merchandise on C.O.D. (cash on delivery), will be published in the register of debtors and we will require to pay the costs incurred in sending of merchandise and handling fee (penalty) of 300,- CZK. By sending an order you agree with our terms and conditions and with the penalty in amount mentioned above. Please note that all outstanding debts (unpaid penalty) will be passed to www.uhrazeno.cz to undergone a recovery of debts, including all related expenses. You can cancel an order up to 24 hours after ordering or shipping and delivery to the transport company.


Withdraw from the contract:
In the case of consumer e-contract applies to § 53 paragraph 6 and7, according to which the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of acceptance of performance without giving any reason. Seller is entitled under § 415 et seq. deduct from the purchase price, what must pay back to buyer, the above costs.The maturity of the refunded amount to buyer is 30 days from delivery of goods back to the seller. Another condition is that such returned merchandise is not damaged and was not used, contains the complete package and must be not removed any original labels.
IMPORTANT: Merchandise sent to us without prior notice we will not pick up - so will be sent back to you. You have to send us along with merchandise filled claim protocol too.



Právní doložka:
Obchodní podmínky uveřejněné na www.lazzzy.cz jsou v souladu se stávající platnou právní úpravou. Prameny právní úpravy jsou dostatečně uvedeny. Odesláním objednávky kupující stvrzuje, že se s nimi dostatečně seznámil a nemá k nim výhrad. Bližší podrobnosti o nakupovaní, platbě naleznete v našich obchodních podmínkách. Tyto obchodní podmínky mají přednost před dispozitivní právní úpravou. Pokud není něco upraveno v našich obchodních podmínkách, je jedním z pramenů občanský zákoník 40/1964 Sb. v platném znění, zejm. ustanovení týkající se právního úkonu a kupní smlouvy (za důležité považujeme seznámení s ustanoveními § 588 a násl.), v případě obchodní vztahu dle § 261 a §262 ObchZ, obchodní zákoník v platném znění. Informační povinnost dodavatele dle § 53 odst. 4 ObčZ je splněna, kupující má všechny informace k dispozici v obchodních podmínkách. Náklady na použití prostředků komunikace na dálku nese spotřebitel. Veškerá činnost související se zpracováním osobních údajů zcela naplňuje podmínky dané legislativou, a to zák. 101/2000 Sb., a to zejm. § 5 odst. 2 písm. B) a odst. 6. Nabídka zboží za uvedené ceny je závazná do té doby, pokud není na webových stránkách obchodu LAZZZY uvedena nabídka a cena jiná. V kategorii slevy jsou uvedeny zlevněné položky, nabídka trvá vždy pouze do vyprodání zásob ze skladu.
Uvedené ceny jsou v CZK s DPH. Změna ceny vyhrazena. Dárky jsou k produktům dodávány pouze do vyčerpání skladových zásob.

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